Basics of Geometry

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What is Geometry? Introduction to Geometry
Points, Lines, and Planes Point, Line, and Plane
Lines, Segments, and Rays Line, Segment, and Ray
Slope of a Line Basics Of Slope of a Line
Finding Slope - Slope Formula
Finding Slope - Rise Over Run
Finding Slope - Slope Formula vs. Rise Over Run
Slope of a Line - Quick Review
Slope - Zero vs. Undefined
Slope-Intercept From Slope-Intercept Form - Equation
Slope-Intercept Form - Graphed Line to Equation
Slope-Intercept Form - Different Types of Problems
Finding Y-Intercept Using Slope-Intercept Equation
Point-Slope Form Point-Slope Form - Equation
Point-Slope Form - Graphing
Point-Slope Form - Additional Problems
Point-Slope Form - Additional Problems 2
Converting from Point-Slope to Slope-Intercept Form
Equations of Lines Equations of Lines
Measuring and Contructing Segments
Distance Distance - Number Line
Distance - Distance Formula
Distance - Pythagorean Theorem
Distance Practice Distance(PDF)
Midpoint Midpoint Formula - Finding the Midpoint
Finding Endpoint Using Midpoint Formula
Midpoint - Finding Endpoint (Number Line)
Midpoint - Finding Endpoint (Coordinate Plane)
Midpoint Formula Midpoint(PDF)
Perimeter and Area in the Coordinate Plane
Measureing and Constructing Angles What Are Angles?
Classifying Angles
Describing Pairs of Angles Complementary/Supplementary Angles
Vertical Angle/Linear Pair