Unit 1 Review: Problems 1-14

I work problems 1-14 on the Unit 1 Test Review over points, lines, planes, rays, segments, the segment addition postulate and the distance formula.

Unit 1 Review: Problems 15-25

This video covers problems 15 - 25 on the Unit 1 Test Review over congruent segments, midpoint problems, segment bisectors, and partitioning a segment on a number line.

Unit 1 Review: Problems 26-36

This video reviews problems 26 - 36 on the Unit 1 Test review on finding endpoints on a number line when given another endpoint and a midpoint, finding the perimeter and area of rectangles and triangles on a coordinate plane, naming angles, finding the measure of an angle on a protractor, and finding an angle measure algebraically.

Unit 1 Review: Problems 37-45

This video reviews problems 37 - 45 on the Unit 1 Test Review over problems covering complementary and supplementary angles, vertical angles, linear pairs, and angle bisectors.